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Sometimes I design things which might be useful to other people. So here they are. I'll add more things from time to time.

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Feel free print off anything on this page for your own personal use. This includes to use at home, in a classroom, at a charity event etc... 

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Please don't sell them, or publish them in any form, without permission.
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  Fun arty stuff

  Face Painting Designs


  Costume Designs

A costume suitable for a 1st century man. Ideal for Nativity plays etc.
Sorry - tunic only at present. Will add cloak drapery when I have time. Basically, the cloak is a rectangle of cloth wrapped round.

  Puzzle sheets & colouring pictures

'Jesus gives new life' caterpillar & butterfly bookmarks. Print on thin card & cut out.

Back to school colouring picture.

 Crucifixion & Resurrection spot the difference.
   How to...