Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Blind man at the pool of Siloam

On Sunday we did the story of Jesus healing the blind man.

Here's a game we played:

Like pin the tail on the donkey. The children were blindfolded, and had to place the 'mud' (brown paper) on the man's eyes.

Also, here's a colouring picture. We used highlighters.

Feel free to print & use for non-commercial use.


Unknown said...

Hi Kristy,

I'm planning on doing thia activity! Thank you for this! Where did you find the picture of the man?

Thank you

Kirsty said...

You're welcome!

I drew it - but any picture of a man would do.

Here's a link to a google search:,sur:f&tbm=isch&q=man+face+beard&*