Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The studio progresses...

A bit of DIY (with a little help from Ikea):

Now I just need to transport all the books and files...

I couldn't do this when I was working at home:

I actually drew these as 2 inch thumbnails, but printed them out A4 to see how they'll look. Quite a good idea actually - forces you to be simple, which they'll need to be, due to lack of time. I won't actually be drawing these - I'm just commissioning them for the Holiday Club I'm designing.

I have also met a couple of people in my corridor - in fact, the lady who has just moved in next door and I spent a couple of hours cleaning the kitchen! We don't think many people had been using it, and it was a wee bit untidy and grubby.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

A useful tool for the mathematically challenged

I can never get my head round percentages, but I've just come across this site

It gives it in words:

What is % of ?

is what percent of ?

What is the percentage increase/decrease from to ?

Very useful - now I don't need to try and remember if I'm supposed to be multiplying or dividing (and which number I'm to divide by what...)

Ah well, back to the admin...

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Happy Birthday... the World Wide Web.
20 years old today!

Strange how something you use almost every day of your life is something you had never even heard of a few years ago.