Monday, 20 August 2012

Eeny meeny miny mo

As far as young children are concerned, decisions made by this method are as binding as the laws of the Medes & Persians. This is very useful.

When faced with important choices (such as an argument over who gets the only green folder), I have found they will tend to accept happily and without question the results of eeny meeny miny mo. Strange but true!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Quinaig Light

A couple of light studies. I was getting sick of the high flats, so now we move a bit further north, with a couple of views of Quinaig (the mountain) and Loch Nedd.

Quinaig & Loch Nedd, 7:15pm, 26th July, looking East
Quinaig & Loch Nedd, 9:50pm, 15th July, looking East
This view is one of the reasons my family and I have gone back to the same place every summer for the last 17 years. Every time you look out the window it's different, as the colours on the mountain, loch and sky are constantly changing - so expect more pictures in the coming days...
As with the others, these are not meant to have any artistic merit as pretty pictures - it's just a study of the colours. I enjoy doing studies like this as a morning exercise, as all the info's there - I'm not tempted to go off and do research and never get the rest of my work done!