Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Budget groceries - nice design!

I've recently started shopping at Morrisons.

I really like the design of their budget range.
They've kept the cost down by only using one colour (mostly), but made that a feature.  

According to a statement by the design company "Our identity for M Savers moves away from the cheap, cookie-cutter, corporate approach adopted by other supermarket value ranges. Individual hand drawn illustrations and typography used across 650 products dramatises the care and attention paid by Morrisons to their value offering. The result is charming, optimistic and makes you smile." and "hand crafted illustrations that inject humanity and heart"

Certainly works for me!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Helpful customers

I just got an email from a customer because my website wasn't working.

So I looked into it, and discovered that, for some unknown reason, the e-commerce function had been deactivated. Fortunately, it was literally just a click of a button and it was sorted.

But what if she hadn't told me? How long until I would have discovered? How many sales would I have lost? Or potential customers, who might never have returned?

I'm very grateful!

So, if you find a problem on a website, find the contact details and tell them.

Uncle Gavin

Gavin Stewart Knox
23rd July 1946 - 20th April 2014