Saturday, 30 June 2018

Solomon's mobile basins

I've been looking at Solomon's temple for doing a PowerPoint (put on hold for the moment).
In the furniture described are these bronze mobile basin stands, explained in great detail - which unfortunately no-one nowadays can make head or tail of.

I did come across this, though. I really don't think they looked like this (and I don't think he's seriously suggesting it) but it's pretty cool!

First Temple laver stand with omni wheels from Yoav Elan on Vimeo.
 (Here's his blog post about it)

Monday, 25 June 2018

A metaphor for life or something

Yesterday we played a game where the children had to throw a ball into a bucket. The nearest bucket earned 5 points, the middle bucket 10, and the furthest 20.

The children found this more difficult than I expected. But their different approaches were interesting. Some of the older boys refused to aim at anything other than the '20' bucket, always missed, and therefore never gained any points at all. Meanwhile, some of the others aimed at the '5' and perhaps '10', and managed to accumulate a good number of points.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Nice toilet doors

Inverness Bus Station:

The only problem with these ones is that the frosted man/woman symbol is too faint, and it took me a moment to remember which circle symbol was which (I know perfectly well, but it's not as automatic).

Eastwoodmains Medical Practise:

Taken rather hastily in case the ladies at reception wondered what on earth I was doing :-)

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

My Silhouette machine has become sentient :-o

I have a Silhouette machine*
Today it decided to try some designing on its own.

I cut out some fairy wings. Look quite nice - but...

'That's odd,' I thought, 'I didn't remember designing them with points.'
So I went and checked. This is what I actually told it to print:


Anyway, I then did some adaptions to the wings and cut them out again. This time I copied and pasted it, so it would cut two identical pairs:

Identical? Hmmmm....

*a machine that cuts stuff - a bit like a printer with a blade instead of ink.