Tuesday, 5 October 2010


A person living in the stone age wouldn't have known he was living in the stone age. He would have believed he was living in modern times. We believe we are living in modern times. Time will tell.
from 'Ug' by Raymond Briggs
*may not be word for word, as it's from memory


Anonymous said...

We believe we are living in modern times because we have the audacity to use such terms as Modernism and the Modern Movement - but this is nothing new Art Nouveau and Ars Nova (14th century!) have preceded it. It's only in this truly confused time that we come out with terms like Post Modern - we now think we have progressed beyond being up to date - we are ahead of the Avant Garde - modern is passé.

Kirsty said...

What C.S. Lewis called 'chronological snobbery'?