Saturday, 9 June 2012

New face paint design

I never did like the fairy design on my face painting sheet, and it was quite difficult, especially the eyes. And the mouth. And the cheeks...

There was also the problem that using white as a base would look really wierd on dark skin, as it would be greyish unless pancaked on very thick (and on really black skin, it would still look grey). But I wasn't really aiming at white at all - I just wanted to give the child's natural skin colour an unearthly ethereal look. So I realised the way to do this was use gold on dark skin. Plain white could still be used on fair skin, but a pearlescent white or silver would be best.

So here's a new design. Disclaimer: I have not actually tried this on a face yet!

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SusanL said...

Good excuse to add a couple more face paints to my collection!

Kirsty said...

Indeed - hope we get to do lots of fairies with different skin tones, at the carnival so we can try them out!

I got the gold for the carnival last year, and tried it as accents on a black girl (just my old fairy design without the white) - it really looked good.

I got a different brand for the silver, not Snazaroo - it's a whiter silver. The make was Grimas, the colour was called Pearl Silver or something like that, and they had it in the art store. I tried it on my own face, and it seemed a good colour.

Btw, there is some silver in one of the the church facepaint palettes.