Monday, 4 March 2013


These are the colours in my palette that I would consider to be purples:

 Particularly, these types of colours: 

c60 m60 y0 k0;   c60 m80 y0 k0;   c50 m90 y0 k0;   c40 m100 y0 k0

Purple is actually a tricky colour to show on screen.

For paint, I would consider dioxazine violet to be a very typical purple (mauve too, to a certain extent).

However, in ancient times, purple was a bit different.
It could vary too, but was closer to this:

r102 g2 b60 (approx c52 m99 y81 k7)

I've just added this to my palette. I have others that would work well too - but only the last one was in my original 'purple' chart:

c22 m100 y40 k46;   c15 m100 y40 k35;   c20 m100 y30 k15

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