Monday, 3 June 2013


From the newsletter of the author of the book I illustrated:

There has been considerable encouragement recently concerning The Journey of Life (Ulendo wa Moyo). One missionary couple reports that they have had people queuing up in the villages to buy the book! We now know of two Bible schools that have started using the book with their students and a big, private Christian secondary school in Blantyre has made it part of their curriculum for their first years. There have also been some very touching stories, such as the orphanage that could only afford one copy where that single book was read, according to a missionary, by every child until it was almost in pieces! We thank the Lord that we are beginning to see the first fruits of a project that we undertook to bless Malawi with a version of Pilgrim’s Progress that would be meaningful and relevant to its people.

You can buy the book here.
More about making the book here.

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