Friday, 4 October 2013

I wish I didn't care about historical accuracy

What I'm supposed to be doing is drawing David & Goliath.

What I'm actually doing is worrying over what Goliath's armour should look like. It says bronze scale armour, but the only kind of armour I've ever seen Philistines wearing looks more like plate armour, or perhaps leather armour. But maybe it is scale armour, with the plates drawn in rows? And how do the shoulder pieces fit? Were the Egyptians even drawing it accurately? Maybe I should look at other ancient scale armour instead? But the pictures are so vague! And what kind of tunic and armour did Saul lend David? What are the Hebrew words? And what are the other instances when these Hebrew words are used? And why is my database of Biblical costume words not working? And...

I'm not over-thinking this at all :-)

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