Thursday, 7 November 2013

Ancient Hebrew music

This lady thinks she has decoded the ancient hebrew music for the Psalms etc. Whether or not she's right, this is beautiful:

You could fit the English words to it as well, if you wanted.

It's a nice soundtrack to my work, although ironically I am drawing the musicians from Daniel 3!


Anonymous said...

What makes me sceptical - maybe wrongly - is that for music thousands of years old from a completely different culture it sounds so normal to our ears. It does sound good though.

Kirsty said...

There's an article about it here - which I haven't actually read, so I can't comment on it's plausibility.

I like the way it changes from minor to major mid-line in one place.

Kirsty said...

Of course, even if correct, the singing style, speed etc would have to be speculative.