Thursday, 4 December 2014

Natural Ingredients

Q: I have developed a rash/irritation - why if your product is natural?
A: Nad's is made from natural ingredients, therefore it is not usually the ingredients, which cause irritation
Because, as we know, natural things never cause skin irritation. Except for nettles. And rosehips. And poison ivy. And giant hogweed. And wild parsnip. And jellyfish. And... 

I remember reading another ad once:
And, because all our ingredients are natural, you can know it's completely safe.
Because everything natural is safe. Like arsenic. And toadstools. And undercooked kidney beans. Yew berries. Lupins. Deadly nightshade. Hemlock. Aconite. Belladonna. Poison-arrow frogs. Portuguese men-of-war. Cyanide. Mercury. Death...

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