Thursday, 15 January 2015

Job description?

I was having to register for VAT (not, alas, because I have a business turnover of over £81,000, but because of the new EU regulations).

I had to select what kind of business I was from a list - you type in a word and it searches. 'Illustration' was not found, so I typed in 'art'. Here are some of the suggestions:
  • Jerusalem artichoke growing
  • Artificial insemination activities on a fee or contract basis
  • Fuller's earth pit 
  • Earth colours and fluorspar mining
  • Quartz mining and quarrying
  • Rennet (not artificial) (manufacture)
  • Tarts (manufacture)
  • Plant parts preserving in sugar (manufacture)
  • Artificial honey (manufacture) 
  • Parts of trousers for women and girls (manufacture)
  • Garter (manufacture)
  • Artificial fur and articles thereof (manufacture)  
  • Loofah articles (manufacture) 
  • Chain (not articulated transmission) (manufacture) 
  • Smart cards (manufacture) 
  • Pick-up arm and cartridge for record player (manufacture)

Well, it's nice when frustrating and tedious admin gives you a bit of a laugh. :-)


Susan L said...

I like to try to spot vans with niche businesses on them on motorways, like "Specialists in feed for greyhounds". Too many generalists around. Hard to believe anyone has a business only making garters, though!

Kirsty said...

I liked the 'Pick-up arm and cartridge for record player'!

You are allowed to pick 3 or 4.