Friday, 29 January 2016

Zeta Maths

I've been having fun :-)

They are little characters for a kids' maths book.

"The characters have two main purposes, firstly to bring a bit of interest to some otherwise pretty boring books and secondly [...] a good educational opportunity to teach at least some of the Greek alphabet, which they will use later, at an early age."

All the personalities are based on some of the maths or science uses of the letters.

Alpha and Beta are twins. They like reading mystery stories, and writing secret codes to each other.

Gamma loves comics and old sci-fi movies. She got a science set for her birthday, and wants to invent a real ray gun.

Delta likes practicing conjuring tricks.  His favourite films are Shrek and Harry Potter.

Zeta’s favourite subject is maths. He likes watching videos about strange weather, especially tornadoes. And he loves sleeping. Zzzzzzz

Theta likes watching snooker with his grandad. His favourite foods are Doritos and cheese triangles.

Lambda loves swimming and surfing. Summer is her favourite time of year. Wherever she goes, she’s always listening to music.

Pi likes pies. And pizza. And cakes... When he’s not eating, he’ll usually be playing football.

Mrs Sigma is the school secretary. She adds up the number of children at school every day, and checks that the right amount of dinner money has been collected. She likes doing Sodoku.

Phi is always very elegant. She likes flowers and shells. She wants to be an artist when she grows up.

Mr Omega is the children’s teacher. He seems strict, but is nice when you get to know him. In his spare time, he likes making electronic gadgets.

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