Thursday, 13 October 2016

Why we need people with different areas of expertise than us

They're trying to diffuse a bomb, using instructions in a language based on ancient Phonecian.

CARTER: Uh, dammit! This is not working!
DANIEL: It doesn't make sense! It clearly says three to blue, four to orange, and three to blue!
JACOB: How much time do we have?
CARTER: Less than a minute.
DANIEL: Okay! These are Tobin numbers. This is 1, this is 2, this is 3…
CARTER: Wait, wait! What about zero?
CARTER: Zero. Why didn't you say zero?
DANIEL: Uh…be…because there's no zero in the Phoenician numerical system.
JACOB: What if the Tobins added it?
CARTER: He's right! Inventing technology with this level of sophistication would require a zero.
CARTER: Just trust me, it's a math thing.
DANIEL: So, I've been off by one this whole time?*
CARTER: 30 seconds.
DANIEL: Well, okay then, uh, uh, two to blue, three to orange and…and two to blue.
[Carter turns the handle as Daniel speaks.]
DANIEL: That's it!
JACOB: They got it!

*I realise this makes no logical sense - you wouldn't add zero by shunting all the numbers up one!

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