Thursday, 15 December 2016

If you think you are standing firm...

Luke cradled the cup. "What drives him?"
"Something very deep and very dark." Vero paused, trying to express something he felt was inexpressible. "Nezhuala reminds me of Jannafy. There is the same hunger for knowledge, whatever the cost. The same hatred of boundaries. The same desire to go further than he ought."
~Chris Walley, The Infinite Day
Oh Vero, he reminds me of someone else. Take a look in the mirror. The envoy told you that cleverness is not the same as wisdom. You have good intentions, but with the hindsight of having read the books multiple times, I know where you're heading, and it's not good.

And of course, fiction is like reality. In real life, too, it's so easy to see flaws in others which we are blind to in ourselves.

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