Thursday, 16 February 2017

Thoughts on Genesis 2


Adam was not put in the garden just to frolic around on an endless holiday, but to work. (Totally fulfilling work, of course.)

We talk about 'unspoiled nature'. But actually a managed estate was more like what God was aiming for in his creation.


Adam was also put there to keep/watch over/guard it (depending on translation). Not sure that allowing someone to inveigle your colleague into disregarding a direct command of your employer, and then following suit, comes under that job description...

Interestingly, the same word is used for the cherubim at the entrance to the garden after the Fall. Adam was put into the garden to guard it - now God has to send cherubim to guard it (specifically the Tree of Life) from him.


We often hear that Adam & Eve were only given one rule. But we don't know that. We are only told of one rule - because they broke that one. Maybe there were others.


Eve was created to be Adam's helper. People often read this (either approvingly or disapprovingly) as meaning Eve was subordinate, inferior, a mere assistant or even servant. But the word `ezer is used 21 times in the Bible. Twice referring to Eve; three times for other people, and the remaining 16 times referring to God himself being the helper of a human or humans!


This is clearly a difficult word to translate, as it is translated in many ways: 'meet', 'comparable to', 'just right', 'suitable', 'fit for', 'corresponding to', 'his complement', 'his counterpart', 'his like'. 

Looks like either likeness or perfect compatibility (or both) is the point.

Of course, 'like' does not mean 'identical', as should be obvious just by looking :-) Equal and complementary.

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