Wednesday, 5 April 2017

I wish Google were human

If I said to a human, "Wordpress is adding blank lines between paragraphs," they would know that I was not looking for information on how to add blank lines between paragraphs, but saying that Wordpress itself was adding them.

Nor was I saying that Wordpress was removing blank lines I had added, but saying that Wordpress was adding blank lines when I didn't want it to.

Also, if they listened carefully, they would also realise that I was not interested in paragraph spacing, but actual blank lines which it is adding.

Currently I have two blank lines between each paragraph, which looks really silly. I delete them, and they gradually appear again - and add more.

Grrrrrrrr >:-(

Edit: Just after writing this, I found the solution:  


Edit 2: Very glad I found this. It has added 15 lines between each paragraph! 

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