Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Nativity girls

The Nativity play we're doing looks back at the prophecies of a great King to David and Isaiah.

This exacerbates the problem there always is with Nativity plays - lack of female (biblical) main characters (i.e. not just members of crowds).

Male parts: David, Samuel, Nathan, Isaiah, Gabriel, Joseph; also shepherds & wise men
Female parts: Mary

Fortunately we have more boys than girls, and the play will also have some present day characters, who can be girls.

So I was thinking - how could you do a Bible based nativity play with lots of girl parts?

Aha - the women in Jesus' family tree!
  • Bathsheba - tricky, but totally do-able for kids if you're circumspect
  • Ruth - definitely
  • Rahab - yes, just don't mention her profession
  • Tamar - Ah. Maybe not, then :-)

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