Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Love your enemies quick crafts

I'm making a Pinterest board for Jonah, and it was hard to find crafts that didn't focus solely on the whale/fish.

The fish is fun and all - but it's only in a couple of verses in the book.

So - while I have nothing against doing fish crafts for this story - I thought I would also mock up a couple that focussed on the more important points of the story.

These were so quick and easy, made with stuff I already had.
  • Face stickers from a pound shop - or print out some angry emojis.
  • Hearts from The Works - or you could cut your own heart shape from foam or card. 

The only difficulty here would be finding enough angry faces for a lot of children.
And you'd need to check the sticker set you bought - some don't have angry ones.


Anonymous said...

I love this craft for very young children - especially the second version. It speaks volumes about God's love even if they can't read the words. Try sticking another slip of white paper vertically under the white paper that says, ‘God loves us all!”. This will make a cross in the centre of the heart which will make a stronger visual connection with God’s love.

Kirsty said...

Great idea, Anonymous! Thanks.