Saturday, 27 October 2018

Accurate nativity plays

There are nativity plays out there that are humorous. There are nativity plays that are dramatic. There are nativity plays that come from an interesting angle. There are nativity plays that clearly portray the truth of the gospel. There are nativity plays that do all of these.

Why, however, is it so rare for these plays to accurately portray the events of the first Christmas?*

There's nothing about what actually happened which is incompatible with humour, drama, innovation or truth.

Please, Christian people, use your imagination and tell the true story in an engaging way. If you treat it like a fairy tale, don't be surprised if people think it is one.

*List of pet peeves: 
  • In real life, Gabriel is male; 
  • no donkey is mentioned in the Bible (feel free to have a donkey, just don't say 'Mary rode on a donkey' as if it's fact, or make a big deal of it); 
  • there is no mention of inkeepers in the Bible; 
  • the 'heavenly host' means 'heavenly army' not 'choir of fairies'; 
  • the wise men did not come at the same time as the shepherds - they were at least 40 days after, possibly up to two years; 
  • no camels are mentioned (again, treat it like the donkey); 
  • they were not kings; 
  • while there may have been 3 of them, and it's OK to have 3, don't actually say there were 3.

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