Thursday, 11 November 2010

Yes, I am still alive.

With two deadlines a week apart, blogging was not really a priority. However, all done now. I have therefore spent chunks of my 'week off' making up my bill.

I try to base it roughly on time taken, as I'm not yet used to working it out any other way. But I record when I started work, and forget when I finished. Or vice versa. Or record that I was working, but not on what... So then I have to get the friendly microsoft doggy to do searches for me on the relevant dates, in the hopes that it will shed some light on the subject. Sometimes it does. Maybe one day I'll learn. Maybe.

However, while I was waiting on the searches, I thought I might as well do a quick picture, so here it is.

At this time of year, the silver birches look like they have showers of gold pieces hanging from them. A bit like the trees in Aladdin's cave. (The real life trees are much better than my picture, tho')

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