Monday, 15 November 2010

Quirsty's Quesadillas

You will need (serves 1):
Two wraps
Tomato pickle/chutney/salsa
Sweetcorn - you'll just need a little, so frozen is easiest.
Cream Cheese (I use Extra Light Philly - works just as well, and it's healthy too)
Large frying pan

  • Put sweetcorn in microwave for a minute to defrost - then dry off by heating in frying pan. 
  • Meanwhile, spread one wrap with the cheese and one with the tomato pickle. 
  • Sprinkle the sweetcorn over one of the wraps, and sandwich them together. 
  • Cook in frying pan over a high heat until brown and crispy. 
  • Cut in wedges with pizza cutter. 
  • Eat with a good book.


Anonymous said...

I guess the good book adds some fibre. How do you recommend cooking it?

Kirsty said...

I don't recommend cooking the books.