Friday, 13 May 2011

Face Painting

This week I had three apprentices. I was teaching three young teenagers how to face paint, as they have been asked to do it for a children's party. So we spent a fun evening painting each other's faces. They chose three designs and we concentrated on them - better be able to do a few designs well, than have a huge selection on offer, and no idea where to start. I think they'll do OK.

Here are the instructions I printed out for them. One day they may be part of a book - in which case I would put a photo in the blank bit. They're deliberately simple - no complicated shading or anything. So often you need to be a skilled artist (and have a lot of time) to do the designs in facepainting books. I've gone for quick and relatively foolproof. Though painting on a non-flat surface that moves is never easy!

Butterflies are very popular with wee girls. Pink, preferably. Is this a natural tendency, or because they have been indoctrinated?

Now, one of my favourites! It's a good one to do, because it doesn't matter if it's a bit rough. And it looks like a real tiger.

And a couple of really simple ones:

Feel free to use these designs for personal use, or for a charity event. Please do not publish.


sharadha manjunath said...

I have a competition coming on face painting...right now cant afford original face plz suggest me how to use acrylic/fabric colours with the least possibility of reaction on the face...plz

Kirsty said...

Hi Sharadha,
I don't advise using either acrylic or fabric colours on someone's face!

Here is a recipe for home-made face paint:
I have not tried it.

sharadha manjunath said...

Thanks! thankyou so much