Monday, 23 May 2011

Google it

Today I have had occasion, in the course of my work, to use Google to find:
  • pictures of an octopus
  • pictures of a shark's fins
  • pictures of flip-flops
  • pictures of flippers
  • what a 500ml juice bottle looks like
  • when John Newton stopped being involved in the slave trade
  • whether they have Captain Birdseye in America
  • the size of a Tunnocks teacake
  • whether a duck's quack echoes
What did we do without it?

On the downside, these legitimate areas of research somehow ended up with me reading in Wikipedia about fish cakes, crab cakes, Jamaican cuisine, jerked chicken, beef jerky...  Deep fried Mars bars and Cornish pasties came in somehow, too. Ooops!

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