Thursday, 4 October 2012

Magic Rubber stuff

I use a graphics tablet with my computer. 

However, carrying it back and forwards to my studio was not doing the flex any good.

 I tried taping it, but the tape came off.  I mentioned it to my mum, and she said a friend had given my dad a free sample of this mouldable rubber stuff (Thanks, Susan!)

It really works! It's called Sugru, and is just like soft Plasticene or playdough. But if you leave it for 24 hours, it turns into solid, but still bendy, rubber! (Please excuse excess of exclamation marks, bur it really does deserve it!)

Since you have to use a whole little packet at a time, I also replaced the rubber feet, as all but one were missing.

This will make my tablet last a lot longer.

Comes in several colours: I chose red to go with my laptop.


SusanL said...

You're welcome! I have fixed loads of things with it and if there's a bit of a pack left over it becomes a useful little hook somewhere like on the side of the fridge.

Kirsty said...

That's a good idea!
You can never have too many hooks.