Saturday, 27 October 2012

Noah's Ark jelly

The ark on calm water

You will need (per person):
  • About 150-200ml of blue soft drink. (I used berry & tropical flavour Powerade - a 500ml bottle between 3 people)
  • Gelatine. About 1 leaf per 100ml of juice.
  • 1 finger of KitKat.
  • A small bowl wide enough to fit the KitKat. 
What to do:
  • Soak gelatine in cold water for 5 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, put some of the juice in a pan, and heat.
  • Take off the heat, and add the gelatine. Stir to dissolve (it was pretty much instantaneous when I did it).
  • Add the rest of the juice and pour into bowls.
  • Put in fridge to set.
  • (Optional, if you want stormy water). Chop up the jelly small and stir around a bit.
  • Place KitKat finger upside down on top of 'water', to make an 'ark'. 
  • Eat.
 P.S. Don't be put off by using gelatine - it's actually even easier than using jelly cubes.

The ark on choppy water
The KitKat finger is - believe it or not - almost the same proportions as the ark. And, as an added bonus, when you bite into it, it has three floors!!!

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