Saturday, 17 August 2013

Avoid distraction on the internet!

I have just found this add-on for Firefox called Leechblock.

It allows you to block certain websites on your browser. I have added a number to it already - sites which are addictive and a complete waste of time. I have tried just using willpower before, but...

What you can do:
  • Block certain sites all the time.
  • Block sites only at certain times (e.g. when you're supposed to be working).
  • Allow yourself a limited daily dose (e.g 10 mins only).
  • Set a temporary block if you want (e.g. not allowed in for 4 hours.)
  • Set a password (though some reviews say it's easy to get around, so not ideal for strict parental control) but you don't need to, and can just use it as a tool for self-discipline.
  • Sort your sites into different groups with different rules.
  • Block all internet access except x. This could be useful when the only reason I need to connect to the internet is to listen to the radio or podcasts.
Wht it doesn't do: block all access to the internet except that which is genuinely work-related. I suppose mind-reading hasn't come that far yet.

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