Friday, 24 June 2016

Sunday School Passover activities

A couple of Sunday School Passover activities - totally unseasonal, I know,  but I've just finished my Passover illustrations, and I want to make a Pinterest board.

At the appropriate point in the story, we taped crepe paper 'blood' round our door (unfortunately the inside, as there's another class outside).

Each child got a torn strip and they took turns to add it to the door. This did take a wee while, as only one or two could do it at a time, and the higher pieces involved standing on chairs or lifting the children up.

They loved doing this.

I do wonder what other users of the room think about its new decorations :-)

Then we had a 'Passover meal'. Food at SS is always a Good Thing.

I concentrated on the three foods specifically mentioned in Exodus.

Lamb This is an unfamiliar food to many small children (Yuk), so using lamb burgers made it more accessible. Non-minted would have been better, but it was all I could get.
I precooked them the night before and cut them in cubes. Two quarter pounders was just right as a wee snack for about 8 or 9 people.

Bread In the past I have used Matzos, but this year was unable to find any large ones. So I got pita bread. I know it's not unleavened, but I couldn't find any unleavened bread - even wraps and chapattis have yeast. I don't think it really matters in this instance - it's a SS lesson, not a kosher passover. Four mini pitas was just right for 8 or 9 people - everyone got half.

Bitter herbs I used watercress.

As  I just used half of each packet, I froze the pita and lamb burgers for when we did the Last Supper - the syllabus worked out really well this year, as we had both in the same term - I'll see if I can wangle that again, as it really helps with our understanding of both. For the last supper I also added wine (grape juice).

And, finally, here's a simple worksheet. The idea is that they draw blood round the door - not necessarily quite as much as this example!

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