Monday, 6 June 2016


Teal'c under arrest

I'm working my way through the first two seasons of Stargate SG1, and was struck while watching episode 16 ('Cor-ai') by the similarities between Teal'c and the apostle Paul (there are of course many dissimilarities too).

Some interesting things in there about guilt and forgiveness and repentance.

TEAL'C: Hanno's father died by my hand. No one else's. I am responsible. What I did while serving Apophis, I will not hide from.
O'NEILL: Even if the punishment is death?
TEAL'C: Then that is what I deserve. 

O'NEILL: Tell us what happened to your wife.
DANIEL: Her name is Sha're. She was captured by Apophis' serpent guards, and changed [...]
O'NEILL: And how did she get to be one of the victims?
DANIEL: The leader of the serpent guards picked her out of a crowd of other women, at random, really.
O'NEILL: Who was this serpent guard?
DANIEL: Teal'c.
DANIEL: The OLD Teal'c. At that time, he hadn't joined us yet. He didn't know me or that Sha're was my wife.
O'NEILL: But the fact is you now work side by side with the man responsible for your wife's fate.
JACKSON: It was difficult for me at first; I wanted to hate him. But now I know that it was a different Teal'c that chose Sha're and I know that if there were any way for him to help me get my wife back, this Teal'c would do it gladly. Even if it meant giving up his own life. This Teal'c is my friend. 

TEAL'C: There were fifty human captives. All were unarmed. Apophis ordered me to slaughter them all.
CARTER: But you didn't, did you?
TEAL'C: I did not.
CARTER: What did you do?
TEAL'C: I turned my weapon on my fellow serpent guards.
CARTER: It was a huge risk for you, wasn't it, Teal'c?
TEAL'C: I made a decision. 
The moment when he changed direction (literally and figuratively)

HANNO: I have just one question for you.
DANIEL: What is it?
HANNO: Can any of his present or future actions bring my father back from the dead?
DANIEL: No, nothing will do that.
HANNO: Then obviously no amount of good done in the past or the present will erase the guilt of what he has done.

HANNO: You would protect those who want to kill you?
TEAL’C: I would protect those who deserve to live.
HANNO: I was mistaken. My memory was faulty. You are not he who killed my father.
TEAL’C: I am the one.
HANNO: No. He is dead. You have killed him.

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