Saturday, 14 January 2017

Cultural superiority

SG1 Season 5 Episode 18 'The Warrior'

O'NEILL: Yeah, well, where I come from, we do things…a little differently.
KYTANO: And you would have us change our ways to suit yours.
O'NEILL: I didn't say that, but if it's not too much trouble…
BRA'TAC: Kytano. Colonel O'Neill. It is my hope that we can learn from our differences, that they bond us together, make us stronger.

O'NEILL: What the hell are you doing!?!
KYTANO: Do you now see the strength of our resolve?
O'NEILL: I see the strength of your arrogance!
DANIEL: I think what Col. O'Neill is trying to say is that we do things a little differently.
KYTANO: Yet again, you remind me your ways are different. We should abandon centuries of Jaffa tradition and follow the ways of the Tau'ri*. Which of us is arrogant?

Their concerns about Kytano's approach to things are legitimate (and, it turns out, very justified). And, while some things may be a matter of opinion, there is also absolute right and wrong. But when dealing with people from another culture, 'we do things differently' is not an argument. Especially when - as in this case - you're on their home territory.

Something for everyone - but particularly, in our time, white westerners - to remember.


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