Sunday, 25 June 2017

New Heavens and Earth

Last day of SS.

Learned about Jesus' return and the New Heavens & Earth.

When Jesus comes back to Earth, he will get rid of all the bad stuff and make everything new.

Had a gold box and a black binbag, and put things in them depending whether they will be in "Jesus' new world" or not (idea from here):
  • Photo of tombstones (no more death)
  • Box of tissues (no more crying)
  • Calpol (no more pain)
  • Card that said 'sin'
  • Gold bracelet (city made of gold!)
  • Blue voile scarf (river so clean you can drink it)
  • Lamp (won't need them; God will give light)
  • Apple (fruit trees with fruit that can make you live forever)
  • Picture of people (Jesus' friends, from every country: those who have had their sins washed away and love & follow him)
  • Picture of Jesus as king - his friends will see him, be with him forever, and work for him.
It turned out really well, and was nice and simple - important as the preschool kids were joining us.

Then we enjoyed a 'wedding party (aka the Marriage Supper of the Lamb). Hopefully the real catering will be a bit more substantial :-)

Glad no-one asked whose wedding the party would be for - that might have been a bit hard to explain!

[Edit: Here are a worksheet and colouring text for this lesson.]

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