Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Judean to Babylonian

Started work on Daniel chapter 1.

This was fun!

The Judean clothes are based on the seige of Lachish reliefs that are in the British Museum.

In that the younger boys wear simpler clothes, and the older boys are dressed like adults. I've gone for the adult version, but omitted the turbans as a) I think it makes them look younger and more vulnerable and b) they're difficult to draw!

I have no idea how their tunic/kilt thing is constructed. That's the good thing about simple pics like this - just draw it as they drew it; no need to understand.

Also, although they're all barefoot in this picture, I've drawn the leggings and boots from this other relief which looks to me like Judeans too.

Here's a Babylonian picture (not a great one - there are better ones). I'm pretty certain what they're wearing is essentially an ankle length Scottish style kilt.

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