Wednesday, 21 March 2018

New (simple) pricing!

I've just implemented a new pricing structure for my Lamp Bible Pictures PowerPoints. Good news - most prices will stay the same or be lower.

Basic pricing

There will be one standard price for most* PowerPoints (currently £5).

This makes more sense for you - every story, every week, every lesson, you know what it will cost.
This makes more sense for me - it makes maths and admin much easier :-)

*A few extra long PowerPoints (e.g. Noah and Christmas), which are likely to be used for two or more lessons, will cost more, and an occasional small extra (All Nations) will cost less.

Standard bundles

These will now all save you around 25%.

Old & New Testament bundles

These still cost £150, and will remain at this price until they include more than 50 stories each.
Buying the bundle will give you access to all 50 stories - including the ones I haven't drawn yet. Your final saving will be around 40%.

Once there are more than 50 PowerPoints in the bundle, those who have purchased these bundles at the current price will still be able to get a 40% discount on any future purchases they make.

If you bought either the OT or NT bundle in the past, I will sort something fair out for you!

Well, I hope that all makes sense!

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