Saturday, 3 March 2018

Probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever eaten

Deep fried Pizza.

I have often seen it on menus and wondered what on earth it would be like (Also - Why?).

But when the people I clean for sent me out to get our lunch from the chip shop, and that was one of the things on offer I thought - Let's try it!

Verdict: Tasted just like pizza. Texture just like pizza (crust a little chewy, but some pizza is). Tbh, if I was eating it blindfold, I doubt I'd have known it wasn't just pizza. But, I imagine, it has rather more fat...

Next - deep fried Mars Bar. No, maybe that's going a bit far :-)

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Ticia said...

I agree with you, deep fried Mars bar might be a gimmick item. I know at the Texas State Fair they've got all sorts of crazy items available for deep fry.

I'm still finding the idea of deep-fried pizza gross sounding, but that may be reading it early morning where the thought of most foods that are too rich sound gross.