Monday, 3 January 2011

The tidying commences...

I'm using one of the method described in The Messies' Manual by Sandra Felton. You have a bunch of labelled boxes and fling in everything roughly by category first. I will need to get more boxes.

Things I have found today:
  • Some 'daylight' halogen bulbs for a lamp I have. Very glad to find them, because as far as I know you can only get them in Australia.
  • A recipe I'd wondered where it was, in a newspaper I nearly chucked.
  • The notebook with my Christmas card list. Shame I didn't find it before Christmas.
  • The leaves that were in the photo I used in my first proper blog post. Pressed in the notebook, but sadly rather faded now.
  • A baby dragon


Anonymous said...

Did a big dragon lay an egg that hatched under all that or what?

Kirsty said...

Nothing would surprise me.

However, this was not a real baby dragon, alas :-(

It was a tiny little dragon I sewed once a long time ago.
Very cute, tho' I say it myself.

Fiona M said...

Is anything going in the bin???

Kirsty said...

I've half-filled the paper recycling bag you see on the right.