Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Final artwork

Thought you might like to see the final artwork.
(Apologies for paranoid copyrighting, but when it's for someone else I feel I really really need to be careful)

I'm pleased with the mum's 'sari' here, though I spent way way way too long researching sari drapery (with little result) and those shawl things people carry their babies in. I don't even know if they did in those days, but the drapery looked suitable. 

Now that's where flowing clothes are useful - the mum's skirt hides the dad's legs!

That low view was HARD. But I felt it was needed to a) give an intimidating feel, and b) have a view which made the small children take up enough of the picture space.

I'm pleased with Jesus' cloak here. And the cute baby (got him from a photo).

Change of story here! I'm particularly pleased with the young guy on the right. I got the pose from a photo, but I draped the tunic out of my head.

I really need to practise drawing people, though. Then I wouldn't find this kind of more realistic drawing so difficult.

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