Monday, 21 September 2015

Think before you drink

A poster I made for a friend. Those are real bottles/cans, and it's real sugar.
Quite scary, some of the amounts!

From Hillpark Secondary's Twitter - click picture for full tweet.

The sugar is in little boxes I bought from the British Shell Collectors Club, so they'll hopefully last longer than the examples I've seen with the sugar in bags.

It was meant to have blue lettering, but I discovered at the last minute I had no blue card. So I tried green, and I think it actually looks nicer, so that was good. I cheated and cut the letters on my Silhouette machine - that's not why I got it, but might as well use it. It's certainly paid for its (second hand) price!

The bottles/cans are attached with a strip of clear acetate wrapped round them, which goes through a slit in the cardboard. And a glue dot stops them wobbling.

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