Saturday, 5 September 2015

Taking sides

"A principle of moral psychology is that “morality binds and blinds.” Part of what we do when we make moral judgments is express allegiance to a team. But that can interfere with our ability to think critically. Acknowledging that the other side’s viewpoint has any merit is risky—your teammates may see you as a traitor."
This can be a problem in theology. Ideas are seen as bad, not because people have actually thought through them, but because that's what the other side thinks. Or right because that's what you side thinks. I've seen views condemned because Catholics hold them, or defended because that's the reformed view.

Particularly ridiculous when we're all Christians, so there is no 'other side' - just a variety of views (some better than others) on the same side. Calvinists and Arminians, I'm looking at you :-)

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