Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Easy shield kids' craft

Looking through my photos. Expect more random old crafts...

These were for Sunday school, but could be used for knights or history without the Christian stickers.

Sorry for odd colour - very difficult to take a photo of shiny silver on a dark background in poor light!

You will need:
  • Cardboard - e.g. cereal packets.
  • Foil tape - not duct tape, but the kind you use for joining insulation. It's like thick foil, adhesive on one side.
  • Pencils or scratch-art tools*.
  • (Optional) Stickers to decorate. I only allowed one per child, as some of them go crazy with stickers, and I wanted them to enjoy the foil art! You could also use stick-on jewels.
Preparation beforehand: 
Or older children could do this themselves.
  1. Cover the cardboard in strips of tape. Overlap slightly.
  2. Cut out shield shapes. These were about 10cm/4" long I think.
With the kids:
  1. Stick a sticker in the centre if using.
  2. Draw designs, pressing firmly.

*The pointed plastic sticks that come with these kits - since every kit has one, you soon accumulate a few millions :-)

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