Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Mission Focus poster

Did this a few weeks ago, but I was wanting to pin it on Pinterest, so I've put it here to link to it. 


We did this on our Mission Focus Sunday at church with the two youngest classes (3-5 year olds) We sellotaped it inside the glass front door for the following week, so all the people who come to the building could see it, and then took it to its permanent home upstairs.

A roll of black milskin frieze paper. The paper was cut to fit exactly between two doors on the landing, so both classes could see their poster when it was finished.

The words are printed in 220 point Janda Manatee Bubble - a very useful font, as it is drawn as outlines. And the reference is in Janda Manatee Solid. Ideally, if we'd had time, the children would have coloured these.

The children were split into three groups of 3 or 4 kids, and each did one shape. Took about 10 minutes.

Cut from A3 pale pink card (paper would do) as big as I could make it. 
Red and pink scrap paper (I keep offcuts from crafts), tissue paper, wrapping paper, self-adhesive foam hearts and 'God' stickers. They didn't quite get the 'tear the paper into small pieces' idea!

I printed an outline globe on pale blue card to give a bit of guidance for the children, although you could just use a circle. And I printed a coloured globe for reference, so they'd know what was land and sea. I gave this to the oldest kids to do.
Offcuts of scrapbook paper and some sparkly stuff I found in the cupboard, cut into little squares; blue, green, yellow and white scrap paper; tissue paper.

Cut from A3 pale yellow card.
Yellow and orange scrap paper, gold wrapping paper, gold foil stuff, 'Jesus' stickers and sticky stars.

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