Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Non-girly valentines colouring pictures

Because God is Love even if your gender (or personal taste) is not attracted to pretty hearts, lace, fluffy bunnies and folk art birds with patchwork effects :-)

Seriously, though - there's a theological problem if love is always portrayed as sweet and fluffy.

And we do boys a disservice by designing so much kids' Christian stuff to look girly.

Click on them to buy - 50p each, print as many as you like for personal use (home, school, church...) Not for commercial use.

Friendship between two very different aliens!
John 13v34 - Love one another.
Children of different races.
Jesus loves us all.
OK - this does have hearts, but it's no toooooo girly.
1 John 4v16 - God is love.
A computer with an important message.
1 John 4v16 - God is love.

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