Friday, 19 February 2016

Resurrection eggs

People who are clearly more organised than me seem to have started pinning Easter Sunday School ideas already.

So here is something I used last year for telling the story - actually a last minute thing put together in a few minutes.

I've kept it simple because a) egg boxes in the UK usually only have 6 humps, and b) I think it's  better to concentrate on a few incidents.

The eggs did have numbers on them, but they wiped off.
The children took turns opening them, and then I explained each one/asked questions.
  1. Soldier for Jesus' arrest. A lego soldier would have fitted too, or a cocktail sword would work well.
  2. Cross - made in a few seconds with a lolly stick and a glue dot. Did you know you can cut lolly sticks with scissors?
  3. Darkness - piece of black paper.
  4. Temple curtain - little square of cloth. Red/blue/purple if possible.
  5. Stone - for the tomb.
  6. Nothing! The tomb was empty!

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