Thursday, 18 February 2016

Ye olde artwork

Here's another from the archives. Not sure what age, but secondary school, 1st-4th year (age 12-16).

I remember doing this very clearly. I had a flat plain, but the teacher made me add layers of hills to create depth, which was annoying, because now the girl and the dog are not beside the lake. Learning how to show the topography I wanted in a convincing way could have been more useful.

He also wanted me to have something like a vine wrapped round the tree with someone trapped in it, which I refused. Melodramatic was not my aim, but an everyday scene. Worldbuilding, not dramatic events, is still what I like about sci-fi (tho' no objection to a bit of drama too.)

I was particularly pleased with the smoke from the village - it still looks good.

A bit of aerial perspective would have helped.

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