Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Jethro's daughters 2

 Finally got the illustrations of Jethro's daughters done:

These ones needed a bit of thought:
  • What should 'Midianites' look like? Later, Moses' wife is described as 'Cushite' (African). But Midian is not in Africa. On the other hand, there are many African-looking people in Sinai and Arabia. So I've made them be a big mish-mash of styles inspired by various Egyptian pictures of Africans and others.
  • Moses marries Zipporah. When he returns to Egypt, he puts his wife and sons on a donkey, suggesting that the boys are fairly young (otherwise, poor donkey!). Yet Moses was in Midian for 40 years. I've therefore assumed they did not actually get married for quite a few years, and then had to wait a while for the children to be born. I'd always assumed he married the oldest daughter, but actually it makes more sense with a younger one. So that's what I've done - the cute wee one all grown up!
 The pottery in the meal scene really is Midianite (roughly).

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