Friday, 4 March 2016

Manna Sunday School

We've been learning about Moses recently.

For the manna in the desert story I had to hastily improvise a visual aid, so I used torn-up paper hankies.

 That bowl really holds an omer! It seems a huge amount for a person, but as it was evidently fairly insubstantial it probably settled a lot.

It was interesting how vague some of the children were about where our food comes from. I explained that quail were birds you can eat, like chicken. Some of them were  very surprised that the chicken we eat comes from a bird!

Very, very easy craft!!!

You will need:
  • Paper plates (we had coloured ones in the cupboard, but normal white ones would be fine)
  • Food catalogues / supermarket magazines
  • (Optional) letter stickers

What to do:
  1. Children cut their favourite foods from the magazines and stick them on the plate.
  2. Stick on stickers (or write) to say 'Thank you God'.

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