Saturday, 12 March 2016

The temple curtain tears

Here's an activity we did last Easter.

The point was to show that the temple curtain symbolised our sin separating us from God, and that Jesus' death made a way for us to get to him.

During the story, I explained:
"Jesus was dying for us. We have all done bad things and don't deserve to be God's friends."
So I got the children to write/draw sins on a big sheet of paper*.

Later, at the point in the story where Jesus died:
"In the temple there was a curtain. God had a special room behind, that no-one** was allowed to go in, to remind people that God is good and we can't come near to be his friends.

"When Jesus died, the curtain tore - "
then I suddenly tore the paper in half. That startled them!

"Now we can be God's friends."

*This actually took quite a long time, as they are just beginner writers. I told them it didn't matter how they spelled them, but they still wanted to know. Also they didn't want to stop writing.

**Well, technically not no-one, but one person in the entire world, once a year, is pretty near no-one. Of course, that one person once a year was very significant, but there really wasn't time to go into that.

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