Saturday, 8 September 2018

Garden-themed face painting

Last Saturday my neighbours asked me to do face painting at their allotment open day.

They suggested I didn't do full faces, as they can take a long time (although mine don't usually!) so this was a good chance to develop new designs.

I decided to go with a garden theme:

  • The rainbow is done by painting a sponge in stripes - or you could use one of those fancy striped paints. The stars and dots cover up the rough ends.
  • The fairy was an old design, but seemed appropriate.
  • No-one asked for the weather one, but I like it.

  • This is a new butterfly which I like much better than my old one - and is deceptively easy. It's based on a real butterfly (monarch), but I let them choose the colour.
  • Spiders and bees were both very popular, with both boys and girls.
  • The worms were difficult to get the pink paint opaque enough - fortunately only had to do one.

  • The background of the small flowers is done with a sponge rubbed on two colours of paint - I let them choose any colour.
  • I must have lost the leaves picture, because I didn't have it with me! I quite like it, though.
  • No-one asked for the big flower or apples.

Definitely easier not doing full faces, especially as you don't have to paint round their awkwardly screwed up eyes.

Several of these will be worth adding to my repertoire - maybe not the worms!

©2018 Kirsty McAllister. You may use these designs for both amateur and professional face painting. BUT you may not sell or publish these design sheets. If you share them, you must leave thecopyright notice on them.

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