Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Symmetry tool, rulers, & digital inking

The symmetry tool in Clip Studio is useful!

You set a line of symmetry, and then everything you draw on one side appears mirrored on the other. I thought of it just as a fun gimmick, but have just discovered its use for pencilling a symmetrical picture. Don't think it would be good to ink with it, but ideal for sketching.

And I also inked this picture digitally! First time I've done this. Really nice, controllable tools. Including rulers you can draw along - I used the straight ruler for the sceptre, and (after much trial and error) set curved rulers for the big sweep of the throne's arms.

Colouring was still done in Corel Photo Paint, as I can do it in my sleep! May switch some time, but no need at present.

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